Avitec is a family company which started its activity in 1957. At the time there was no industrial technology for the production of egg, all was achieved just following the pace of nature. Soon the need of more industrialized technology, more steady results, more constant performance helped Avitec become the leader in the Italian market for the distribution of innovation in the poultry sector. Incubators, hatching systems, automatic egg packers and graders (from Moba Holland) and laying systems based on cage and, now, on alternative barn and free range equipment.

The demanding and very much developed Italian food industry was also requiring automated systems for the production of big quantity of liquid egg which is used in several preparations in the Italian cuisine. In the early Seventies Avitec started to design, develop and test, its first systems for liquid egg processing. First breakers, centrifuges and filters, then complete pasteurization lines, storage and filling lines.
What makes Avitec really different from the several competitors is:

Very personal approach to each single project, exactly like the best italian tailor, we study the project around the specific requirements of your reality, we don't try to force it into our standards. It’s our technology which is moulded and adjusted to optimize the results for your investment.
The same person who will decide together with you what is the best solution, will also follow up the development of the line in our factory and will be responsible for plant installation at your factory and training of the people. In this way we completely avoid the conflicts of interest which are typical between commercial, production and engineering departments. The fact that the same person is always in front of the customer, assures you that no promise can be done without being 100% sure that they could be realized once the project is sold.

Avitec is leader in the “compact”, pre-installed, plug and play lines. Our lines from 250 up to 1500 lt/h are completely installed on a robust bedframe and can be start up in only 7-15 days. No need of special food welders, no cabling, no civil works at your factory to connect all the single components of the line.

Avitec built in Europe some of the most advanced egg packing stations including the highest hygienic solutions and the most practical technology for automation.

We welcome you to the magic world of egg Processing, with Avitec the Know-how for the best product quality is quickly in your hands.