INDO LIVE STOCK PREVIEWBeside the world competition becoming stronger and more concentrated, try to think how many real innovations in liquid egg processing you have been seeing around the world at the last poultry exhibitions... Not much…but with AVITEC there is always some NEWS!
SPECIAL EGG PRODUCTS TO BE UNIQUE IN THE MARKETSpecial Egg blends normally carry a high production cost. This is due to the extra time needed to prepare the recipe, standardize the product, blend the ingredients without getting foam or flocs.
Each factory must optimize the time and flexibility required to prepare special preparation, all in the respect of ...
INNOVATION IN EGG SEPARATIONon March 11 VIV ASIA Bangkok is opening its doors. Here, AVITEC will amaze the Egg Industry with a WORLD PREMIERE of new breaker technology and new concepts for approaching industrial egg liquid production in a smarter way.
ADD VALUE TO EGGSAdding value to the basic egg is not impossible. All it requires is a mindset change and the willingness to move from farm to factory.
REVIEW OF THE EVENT!If you have missed Avitec booth at VIV Europe, here you can see which products and news were showcased at the 60 square meters stand full of technology.
Automation by NatureThe last pioneering full free-range reality in Australia is equipped with the lastest technology to provide automation inside the egg grading center, better working conditions and highest quality output.
BECAUSE PASTEURIZATION COUNTSThe recent outbreak of Salmonella cases related to poor respect of hygienic rules related to Food Safety and food handling in Australlia, one more time takes up to surface the problem of importance of egg pasteurization.
At past VIV ASIA, Avitec could meet several professionals and curious businessmen who where looking with great interest at the possibility to expand their egg business and diversify their shell egg production with pasteurized liquid egg products.
Find out the new T-shirt collection!a new modern and eye-catching line for the look of the working team into the factory and for a cool italian style during the free time.
Finest Liquid egg in the PhilippinesTwo young entrepreneurs make a smart step forward in adding value to their egg production activity with the establishment of the first and most modern continuous flow pasteurization line in the Philippines.
automated egg packing station
ever built can be found near Cremona, Italy.

Advanced not only for the high level of technology and automation but also for innovation in the concept of “egg” and “food safety”.
The story of AvitecCurious about how Avitec was founded and how it did move the first steps into a new industrial way to look at the egg production?
Wins 2006 World Poultry AwardA real revolution for the western egg world.
All the safety and the quality of the brand name stays SEALED inside the egg pack untill the final consumer opens the pack. As it happens with 98% of the products in a supermarket, by the way.