Automation by Nature

It was just March 2013 when the founder of  Valley Park Farm , Mr. Morry Wroby, met with Fabio Bortolami at VIV Asia in Bangkok. The approach started with a simple talk on egg breaking and processing for a small capacity line and the reality ended up, few months later, with one of the most advanced hi-tech installation in Australia.

After confirming the order for a 750 Lt/h pasteurization line for liquid egg, Mr. Wroby watched the  video of the first full egg automation project built in Europe by Avitec and found out that Avitec is also designing and building automation lines for the egg industry. Actually Avitec is honoured of the longest experience into automation for packing station as it started up a pioneering project in 2003 in Europe well before the two biggest suppliers of egg packing machines ventured into turn key automation project.

Mr. Wroby trusted the Avitec family approach of a company which is following each single project with the attention and care typical of the tailor which creates unique pieces, especially shaped on the customer needs.

Only 10 months after the very first meeting Avitec installed and tested the first and most integrated automation project in the australian egg sector. A modern packing station, specifically created to grade and pack free range eggs, equipped with a full optional NABEL EXG-4000 grading machine, with an Avitec depalletizer robot (EasyLoad), with an automatic palletizer for the finished egg boxes (EasyPallet) and with an automatic tray re-stacker which collects the empty trays from the loader and piles them up into a trolley, ready to be moved to the tray washing room. All second category free range eggs are sent to the Lino Compact  line which produces special high-value liquid egg from free range farming which is much appreciated by speciality bakeries which produce animal-friendly products.

Mr. Wroby states that due to the Australian high costs for labour work and high requirements for work welfare, this project allowed him to achieve a double advantage to save money and provide much improved working conditions to his employees. The project is supposed to payback in about three years.

Just after 5 months since starting up this new business, Valley Park Farm is delivering 100% of its branded eggs to the biggest supermarket chain in Australia - Woolworths, who have taken a leading position regarding hen welfare,  have partnered with Valley Park Farm to purchase 100% of the VPF branded packaged egg products

Vivid congratulations to Mr. Wroby, a brilliant, vivid and cheery entrepeneur who was able to convey animal welfare, respectful working conditions, high quality product and positive cash flows, all into one
successful plan. A completely new way to look at the egg business from which
many players around the world should take inspiration.