VIV Europe 2014 opened its doors from May 20 to 22.

Avitec participated with a 60 square meters island booth in the main hall 7 dedicated to egg processing.

For those who could not visit the show here is a brief list of the products showcased at Avitec booth.

The greatest news at the booth and most likely of  the all exhibition was the introduction of the NABEL brand into the European Market.

Nabel is a japanese manufacturer of premium quality egg packing and grading machines and is now entering the European market for the first time. Nabel is market leader in the Japanese egg market.

Nabel showcased the new farmpacker FFP 4100 with a capacity of 40.000 eggs/h, completely built in stainless steel and equipped with egg doser, tray denester and tray restacker.

A TRAY PALLETIZER robot (EasyFarm) was moving a picking 2 stacks of egg trays from the Nabel farmpacker exit conveyor and releasing them on the top of the pallet.

The capacity of this robot can reach 108.000 eggs/h with a double pick up point from the exit of 2 farmpackers.

A PICKING ROBOT (Flexyhand) was showing how simple is to automate the operation of egg pack picking and placing them into a case or box.

The SMALLEST PASTEURIZATION LINE in the WORLD (Lino Compact 250)  was showcased to prove how compact and small can be a factory for liquid egg processing. Ideal for farms and small producers who want to increase the value of their unsold egg. Only 170 square meters are needed to fit a complete processing line, including two small cold rooms for shell egg (raw product) and final packed liquid product.

A new DIGITAL EGG TESTER  by Nabel (DET6000)completes the list of news with an integrated machine allowing to analize the egg quality and freshness in less than 60 seconds, shell strenght, thickness, haugh unit, yolk color and egg weight can be detected with very simple operations.

The video shows in 3 minutes all the products shocased at Avitec stand.

The next appointment with VIV Europe will be in May 2018.

The Avitec-Nabel agreement was announced in the local VIV NEWS press.