The 2013 edition of VIV ASIA took place in Bangkok between 13 and 15 March.
The attendance to the show has been great, with a total number of visitor reaching more than 33.200 compared to the 29.000 of the previous edition 2011, meaning a growth of 14%.
20% of visitors declared to be interested in Egg processing and this proves the high number of contacts and prospects who stop at AVITEC booth to find out how an investment in pasteurized liquid egg production could help their business to become more profitable and more differentiated.
Avitec was THE ONLY CONSTRUCTOR of liquid egg processing lines who was exhibiting a complete line, turn key, allowing to break, separate, filter, store, homogenize, pasteurize and chill, 250 Kg of liquid egg per hour.

Real sample packs of the most different types were showcased to give to the visitors a real feeling on how the final product feels in the hands and how many possibilities there are for a innovating marketing in a promising new market segment.

A lot of egg producers expressed great interest in this compact line which will allow them to get the best profit from the shell eggs during periods of the year when the prices are particularly low and from those eggs which cannot be sold at full market price cause their size and shell aspect is not perfect.

Avitec, during more than 30 years activity in the LIQUID EGG LINES business, has been the first to advise new inverstors to start with small COMPACT SIZE units which offer great advantages when approaching a new business:

• drastically reduce value of investment and time to break even;

• assure the best product quality even when small quantities have to be supplied to a small market;

• minimize the operating costs, especially water consumption, energy and labourwork;

• count on a very high residual value when the unit will be traded in to expand the factory capacity;

• fit the machine in a small space, starting from 60 square meters for a complete factory;

• Install the complete line in 5 days and get the local staff trained in only 2 days.

At the booth the visitors could see LINO COMPACT 250, the smallest continuous flow pasteurization line for liquid egg in the world. The line is aimed to break 5.000 eggs/h, transform them into liquids (250 kg/h), separate yolk and albumen and then process them in a skid frame ultra compact unit which even includes:

-breaker BS-5

-automatic filter SC-10

-storage tank

-plate heat exchanger

-100 bar homogeniser

-heat recovery section

-holding pipe

-hot water production

-chilled water unit

-control panel

All in a space of 1,5 mt x 6 mt. !

This new concept will allow everybody to process second category or unsold eggs and transform them in a salmonella-free, safe, practical and added-value product to sell to food processors, hotels, catering services and small bakeries.