From the production to the marketing, everything is amazingly new and unusual about this leading packing station.

Beginning 2003 a delegation from company OVOPEL Spa (whose distributed egg brand name is "COCCODì") together with Fabio Bortolami from Avitec visited Japan to understand more in detail the way of packing eggs with special interest to the way Japan uses to seal egg packs.
What Japan has really to teach about egg grading is for sure about quality and hygienic safety.

Everything in a modern Japanese packing station is meant to guarantee the maximum product safety, many times despite of the productivity or cost control.

The facility layout does not allow the contact between "dirty areas" and "clean areas" , the machinery undergo strict cleaning sessions, the product is always double checked by humans before it leaves the company, the eggs are washed with state-of-the-art washers which also desinfect and dry the shell.

Everything which could be imported into a modern concept of european egg packing station, it has been succesfully done in COCCODì new grading center. COCCODì strongly believed in innovation of hygienic standards and image for the egg packs, that's why they took the risk to invest to order a unique production line which allows to use SEALPACK, the new PET egg pack which can be sealed with ultrasonic waves and which is 100% transparent and recyclable.
What was learnt from the Japanese market was not enough to be a successful competitor in the european egg market.

COCCODì wanted to completely automate the production of the key products with highest volume of sales. After loading the eggs on the infeed rollers of the grading machine, the process is entirely automated for 80% of the production. Egg packing, pack sealing, carton wrapping, box filling, pallet forming and traceability are all processes performed in automated way.

So, the concepts were then clear, highest product safety standards and maximum efficiency of process had to be achieved.

Avitec was main contractor for this challenging and demanding project. Avitec understood that to achieve maximum performances most of the machinery and robots had to be specifically engineered for this market, not simply adapted from other sectors.

Thanks to the smooth and cooperative partnership between many subjects, Avitec and COCCODì succedeed in starting what still nowadays (almost 10 years later!) is considered to be to most advanced packing station both in product quality control and process automation. A really pioneering project in the egg market.

Some dates and numbers about the project:

- January 2003: start researches for the Coccodì Project
- December 2003: official commissioning of the project to Avitec
- May 2004: end installation and first running tests
- September 2004: Plant fully operational

- 4 months - 7 people = needed to study the optimal lay-out on paper
- 3 fully automated lines till end pallet with SSCC label
- 6 automatic sealing machines for the new sealed PET egg pack
- 7 wrap-around automatic machines
- 8 Moba Contiflow levels
- 24 automatic egg packing lanes