On May 16th to 18th 2006 Avitec participated to the international Poultry Show VIV Europe held in Utrecht, Holland.

Avitec presented, for the first time in Europe, Sealpack, a special egg pack in transparent PET which can be sealed in order to guarantee that the Food Safety of a trusted egg brand is safely preserved inside the egg pack without any external contamination coming from other buyers who are used to open and touch the eggs before the purchase.

The revolutionary product participated to the WORLD POULTRY AWARDS, which is a special competition for innovative products in the poultry sector, and won the award.

Some of the advantage points which the jury particularly liked were:

  • the egg pack is SEALED, the eggs cannot be touched till the final opening of the seal

  • After the shell is scanned with the most modern electronic technologies, and exposed to UV light, the sealed pack assures there will be is NO EXTERNAL contamination coming from the consumers’ hands nor saboteurs

  • the pack is produced in PET, the really RECYCLABLE plastic

  • The PET is 100% transparent, so it is very easy to judge the egg quality without needing to open the box. The eggs really look as “naked”

  • The flattened empty pack allows to save a lot of space in the packing center

  • The sealed pack allows new marketing strategies like adding free-samples into the pack which cannot be stolen (i.e. adding a chocolate egg for the children)