Finest Liquid egg quality in the Philippines
In January 2012 a new pioneering project was officially operational in the Philippines.

Novoagri company comes from a partnership between two leading egg producers and is focused to serve premium quality pasteurized liquid egg to the growing and demanding food industry in the area.

The line was specifically required to produce the main product (egg with salt) with maximum efficiency, and the capacity was deeply evaluated according to the market size, considering that a good processing line can work up to 3 shifts per day (24h) without any problem.

So the choice end up in a Lino Compact LC-1000 HIGH-MIX version, aimed to produce 1000 Kg/h of salted product. As every Avitec line the plant also allows flexibility and can produce standard separated product as well as plain whole egg and sugared products.

Everything is ready for a market which will soon start to require more and more specific design liquid products.

The time to market of the investment surprised everybody but not so much Avitec who is market leader in compact turn key and All Inclusive solutions which can be installed and start-up in the shortest times.

Avitec started to manufacture the line in March 2011, in the same time the purchaser was starting the works to build the facility. In July 2011 the plant was ready and shipped to the Philippines. In October 2011 the line was installed in a brand new factory and started up in only 10 days.

After getting all approvals and certifications the line was officially operational in January 2012.