Because Pasteurization Counts
When one carefully looks at the local press of several contries all around the world, he/she would quite often incur in articles related to Food Safety and contamination outbreaks.

It is interesting that this kind of negative news are not belonging only to the so-called "developing" economies but also to very well established and advanced realities. This proves that the way to go for a really safe system taking care for the health of the citizens is still to be completed. Beside the laws are there, a lot of small and local productions do not respect them, and soon or later, the case explodes and people end up at the hospital, if not at a worse place.

The attached articles (the first one issued today about 140 persons who were hospitalized in Australia) could give an idea of some recent issues.

If you have been thinking to establish a new business by offering pasteurized liquid egg, there is no better material to show to your local authorities or to your potential customers, to prove that such a project is not only intended to make money but also and especially is helping to raise the general hygienic conditions and safety of the food productions in your area.

Avitec will support you from the engineering to the startup of the plant, making sure that you can count on a savy and expert support from our 56 years old experience in the egg business.