PROFILE= AVITEC is Italian manufacturer of liquid egg processing lines. Avitec was started in 1957 to import hatching and incubating machines from the Netherlands. In the early Seventies the company started to design and manufacture industrial lines for egg breaking, filtering and further pasteurization of the egg liquids. The much developed Italian food industry was strongly demanding for this. Nowadays Avitec produces and exports its technology all over the world with the main important markets being Spain, Germany, Russia, Middle east Australia and South East Asia.

WORLDWIDE PREMIERE= at VIV ASIA Avitec will showcase two new models of automatic Egg Breaking machines. Both solutions provide a renewed approach to face the modern egg industry challenges: focus on cost reduction and minimize the sub-products. Patents and news which will for sure shake the market.

AVITEC BREAKER BT SERIES are targeted to serve the practical and slim production, focused to minimize the costs (of investment, operative and maintenance) without compromising the quality. The new machine integrates well know breaking concepts which are fit into a more modern and economical technical design.
The new breakers are all equipped with 6-row parallel breaking even at the smaller capacities (unique in the world). The infeed rollers in self lubricated polymer, assure a better positioning of the eggs, the cracking units in food-grade plastic are precise, light and economical and allow to install more units to increase the dripping time and so the yield (first machine in the world using plastic cracking sets). The separation between yolk and albumen, if needed, is achieved by mean of separating chutes with fast eject channel, double albumen inspection point and mirror-polished surfaces. Trays are simple to clean and they do not require any maintenance. The machines can be washed in-line with an automatic CIP and of course can be equipped with an automatic loader. Capacities are 14 – 21 and 28.000 egg/h (this last one is shown at VIV Asia).

AVITEC BREAKER BS-ix SERIES are though for the developed and demanding egg processors who know well that the value is into the separate products (yolk and albumen), rather than in the egg mix (whole egg). This new development introduces patents and design which are going to be the next milestone in the egg breaking industry. The cups, in food-grade plastic, are studied to minimize the impact to the yolks and so to keep them integer during the process. Also the cups allow a much more effective and faster splitting between the albumen and the yolk. All the breakers in the market use shakers and air sprays to help the albumen split, the new Avitec breaker uses a sharp hedge ring to cut the albumen out from the yolk. This is a real advantage, it allows more hygienic separation (the air blow is noisy and polluting a lot), faster (shorter machines), it allows to use more fresh and colder eggs (which are the most difficult to separate) and it guarantees the highest dry matter (= value of yolk) and cleanest albumen (= value of albumen). The same machine can also be equipped with automatic loader, fully closed CIP system and with a new generation yolk scanner using Japanese technology to detect spots of yolk as small as one square mm. Capacities cover 16 – 24 – 48.000 eggs/h (this last one shown at VIV Asia).

AVITEC LINO COMPACT 250 is a complete line for liquid egg pasteurization. The fully skid-frame unit is the SMALLEST continuous flow liquid egg pasteurization line in the world. Approaching the next step into food safety and quality productions has never been more simple.  For more information