Sealpack is THE innovation in the concept of egg packing. It is much more than a simple NEW pack. It is a complete new philosophy to conceive egg packing. The concept that is behind the development of Sealpack will drastically increase the added value and the market position of the brand name of the leading packing stations.
Sealpack is the first egg pack in Europe which can be literally SEALED in a way that only the final consumer will be able to open it and make use of its content.
In the last years the concern about Food Safety has been increasing more and more.
Sealpack helps to ensure that the quality and safety of the product arrive integer in the consumer’s hands. It keeps the eggs inside a safe box which cannot be opened unless by breaking the warranty seal.
The seal also comes as a logic end step for any traceability process because it assures the consumer that nothing nor nobody could have contaminated or altered the product after being packed.


Sealpack is made in PET (polyethylene terephthalate), the same material which is used to produce the bottles for mineral water and other soft drinks cause does not leach harmful substances nor taste into its contents.

The special conic shape of the alveolus together with the reinforcement bands and the seal make it very protective and robust, it can support up to 20Kg before being flattened. The sealed pack is not hermetic, there are little openings which allow the natural breathing of the egg shell. Neither condensation nor moulds will ever form even in the most humid environmental conditions.
PET is fully a recyclable material. In most of the countries there are recycling programs which allow to recover all the PET plastic containers, grind them and use them to produce other containers, fibre for polyester carpet, fabric for T-shirts, athletic shoes and winter coats, automotive parts, etc.
Sealpack is 100% transparent, much more than common egg pack in polystyrene. Transparent packages are used for many food products as they assure the consumers about the quality of the contents.

The design of Sealpack guarantees that when it is piled up, it is the flattest egg pack in the market. This means less space used in the empty packs storage.
And mixed weight categories can be used in the same Sealpack, so only 1 model must be present into the empty pack storage!

SEALPACK needs Avitec EASYSEAL machine for its lid to be closed in a "tamper-proof" way (seal).