with a CAPACITY OF 40.000 EGGS/H
New from Japan!
For the very first time into the European market, Avitec introduces the Nabel Farmpacker with a capacity of 40.000 eggs/h.

Nabel is market leader in Japan for egg grading and packing machines. The success of the company was dictated in the late 1979 with the introduction of the first SINGLE EGG packing system in the Japanese market.

The new farmpacker follows the strictest principles in foodtech construction with the front frame completely in washable stainless steel.

The machine is also very compact with possibility to install the automatic denester either on right or left of the egg conveyor, so that it can fit even in the smallest egg collection rooms.
The secret is the doser
The critical point of any farmpacker is the capacity to collect and distribute the flow of the eggs from the egg belt in the most efficient and delicate way through the 6 rows of the infeed rollers.

The Nabel accumulator/doser is built in 3 independent belts which work at different speeds. In this way the flow arriving to the input rollers is always optimized and the filling  ratio of the machine reaches the highest values.

Moving guides assure that also the side channels are always filled.
Clean and washable
The new design of FFP4100 farmpacker respects the strictest japanese principles in hygiene and critical control point.

The parts are in stainless steel or in food-approved plastic. The sensors are water proof so to allow daily cleaning operations with water.

The front covers are made in transparent plexiglass so that the operator can easily control the dirty points.

The critical parts in contact with the eggs are of easy disassembly for a more accurate cleaning process.