Avitec projects are always “turnkey”. This means Avitec also takes care to evaluate the optimal system and best technology to improve the logistic inside the egg station. Different types of belts and conveyors are available to create a line which never stops and never creates jams.

Everybody knows how to build a conveyor, few know how to mix different belt technologies to achieve the best result into an egg packing station.
These conveyors are used to move packs or trays in a silent and clean way. Avitec slat top conveyors are the only ones which have a double polizene guide for main layers and for way back.

An Avitec conveyor has a much better design, more compact, tidy and hygienic because there are fewer legs, and less joints. Only stainless steel and food-grade plastics are used for the main parts.
Provide a more steady and safe movement. They are used where more precision is needed, when transferring between different machines or when moving material through critical joints, where friction is important. The rubber type can be choosen from a list of as many as 30 different types each of them with different mechanical and chemical properties.
Are designed for applications where frequent washing is needed. The contact surface is reduced to reduce stain-deposit, all the components are either in plastic or stainless steel which makes them suitable for high-pressure gun washing. Modular chain conveyors are the best solution for any critical food-grade transportation system.
provide the best technology to control the movement of the material. Thanks to the multiple rollers which compose the pattern and are independently driven, the product is moved without any friction even if it is stop or buffered. The system assures:

  • The most delicate handling of the product;
  • the maximum productivity because when something is stop the rest of the belt is still transporting the goods;
  • the maximum silence because the roller is not directly linked to the shaft so when it is stop there is no friction;
  • the lowest maintenance requirement
  • the optimal feeding flow
are very good for heavy material and silent transportation. They are also very easy to clean and maintain as basically there is almost no mechanic involved for their running. They proved to be the best solution for crate transportation compared to an old-fashioned concept using rigid chain conveyors.
are installed where shortage of space or logistics priorities suggest not to have any leg disturbing the people and the material movement.
are available to control the movement and to assure a steady production without interruption. Among them:

  • buffering rotating tables;
  • open pack detectors;
  • coupon despensers;
  • inkjet markers and labelling machines;
  • pneumatic stops;
  • deviators;
  • pushers;
  • lift and transfer units;
  • gate selectors.