“Easysplit” is the safest and fastest way to split double egg packs (2X6, 2X4, 3X4) before packing them into the case.
In the past all the double packs were sent "as they are" to the retail shop which was showcasing the product as "integer" and only the buyer would take care for splitting them and get what needed.

Furthery, because of the high percentage of damaged boxes on the shelves, the supermarket decided to ask its personel to split them before putting on the shelves. Of course this is using much more time and so it is a higher cost for the supermarket. In the last years, most of the packing stations used to split the packs before filling the case, in a way to offer more added value to the product and let the supermarket save some costs. Today, for the first time this job can be completed in an automatic way which will fasten a lot the work of the people in the packing station.

We state that Easysplit is the first full-safety automatic pack splitter available in the egg market. Some packing stations have installed a rotary blade right on the same take away. This solution, besides being economic and quite reliable has the great problem of TOTAL DANGER for the operator. None of these machines can be really considered safe cause the blades are really sharp, even when not moving.

Avitec made a revolution in the concept of splitting introducing a guillotine-blade which is cutting thanks to the frame mould which is holding the pack. The blade itself is not very sharp cause mechanically it cuts only because it is moved inside a tight mold, so no risk for the hands even when the machine is stop and open.