THE HARD WORK IN ANY PACKING STATION  The work on the back of the egg grading machine to load the egg trays over the conveyors is nowadays considered to be very tough by most of the operators.

Heavy job

  • 6 trays with 30 large eggs can reach the weight of 13 Kg.
  • An operator working on a 40.000 eggs/h egg grader will lift 2.8 tons in 1 hour!
  • For capacities higher than 40.000 eggs/h two operators are needed and their task must be cycled with other workers to avoid health problems.
is the modern answer to the problems of labourwork safety and wealthfare. The Robot only needs the operator to load the full pallet over an infeed conveyor by means of a forklift. Since then the automatic system will take care for all the necessary actions without supervision.

Тecnical data:

Capacity:                           up to 120.000 eggs/h
Picking head:                     360 or 720 eggs
Divider pick and store:      yes
Pallet pick and store:         yes
Power consumption:          9-15 Кw
Air consumption:               30 Nl/min
Dimensions:                       9,0 x 5,5 x 3,9 м.

• The pallet is taken to the pickup point;
• The height of the pallet is measured;
• The 6-trays stacks are transferred to the loader infeed conveyor;
• The dividers and the pallets are piled in the empty storage position.
The same concept can apply to help the work around the farm egg packers. The robot can pick up the stacks of 6 trays coming out from the packing machine at the farm and build up 1 or 2 pallets made of 8.640 (4tier) or 10.800 (5tier) eggs.

Теchnical data:

Capacity:                        up to 108.000 eggs/h
Picking head:                  360 o 720 eggs
Divider and pallet pick:    yes
Pallet foil wrap:              оptional
Power consumption:       9  Кw
Air consumption:            30 Nl/min 
Dimensions:                   3,6 x 4,8 x 3,9 м.