There are hundreds of companies specialized in automation and pack handling, but very few of them have direct experience with the egg sector. Even though people state that "a box is always a box" unfortunately when it comes to the egg business there are always little tricks and difficulties which make the first projects more risky and troublesome. Some examples:

  • when an egg box is jammed, crashed or tilted a lot of parts in the line can get dirty and the albumen is amoung the most corrosive liquids;

  • the interfacing with the egg grading machine is extremely complicate if the technology is unknown, only who has been for long time inside a packing station knows how disomogeneous and discountinuous can be the output of a grading machine;

  • pallets and trays all look perfect when they are new but after some washing cycles their shape  can be altered affecting the reliability of the movements of the robot;

  • the everyday operation inside an egg packing station can reach very high levels of stress and crossing movements, especially in the market peak moments (Christmas, Easter...), only who knows the real work around the grading machine can configure an automatic line which is really helping the people and the productivity rather then being more an obstacle for other flows;

  • many other secrets can be explained when analizing the project in detail.
The most Automated Packing station in Europe
We were the first, back in 2003, building the most advanced and automated egg packinstation in Europe, the only one running and processing sealed (tamper proof) egg packs in a totally automated way.