Flexipack is the most advanced robot system for the modern egg packing station. The integrated machine allows to form the carton box, fill it with egg packages and finally close the box adding the necessary label for product identification. The format of the pattern inside the box can be easily changed by replacing the gripper head.

The machine uses the proved and simple “pick & place” technology with 2 or 3 axis movement so it assures very reliable operation maintenance free and the lowest power consumption in the market.

• no more people in front of the egg grader
• no more pauses
• no more absence for sickness and damages for repetitive work
• no more jams in front of the egg grader
• no more hundreds of carton boxes to be prepared by hand
• no more hundreds of carton boxes to be closed by hand

By definition the best automation can be achieved only when reducing flexibility. Avitec Flexipack takes in consideration the difficult job of packing eggs knowing the importance of having many different product types and case dimensions. To speed up capacity and simplify the machine Avitec decided to allow maximum flexibility on eggpack size and case capacity. To change format of eggpack or pattern the operator only has to change the gripper head. To change the case dimensions the operator only has to adjust the dimensions of the empty box denester. The whole operation takes less than ten minutes.

When the machine is supplied to pickup a sealed pack it is possible to speed up the capacity at maximum by using suction cup picking head in place of gripper head to lift up to 1.080 eggs per minute which means up to 65.000 eggs/h! The use of suction cups forces the user to have a sealed or wrapped pack.