Lino Compact 250 (5.000 eggs/h)

Avitec Lino Compact 250 is the smallest CONTINUOS FLOW liquid egg pasteurization plant available in the market.

"Continuous flow" means that the product never stops into a tank for heating and then cooling(like required by the batch technology), the product is pushed by pumps through the plates of the heat exchanger where it is quickly heated and then quickly cooled down. Thanks to this system the reproduction of the bacteria which is typical to happen at temperatures around 37°C cannot take place as the heating and cooling are very quick (less than 30 seconds). Proteins are not denaturised and the total residual bacteria count is the lowest ever possible. Avitec LC250 is the best solution for starting activity in unknown market where the initial quantities to be produced can be very small. It is also a very smart solution for all those farms which have some eggs which cannot be sold at a good price because of low season, because their size is too small or too big, or because they are slighly cracked. All these low-profit eggs can be transformed into a high quality added value product which is really appreciated by hotel chains, catering services, bakeries, hospitals and many other food industries. Moreover every Avitec plant comes with full CE compliance, automatic control of heating temperature, safety alarm, product deviation and a complete set of stainless steel food-approved components such as:

• Egg loading (with manual handler)
• Automatic filter (optional)
• Buffer starting tank
• Low speed mixer
• Main pump
• Plate heat exchanger
• Holding pipe with insulation
• End buffer vat
• Hot water production system
• Chilled water production system
• Automatic product deviation valve for CE safety
• Control panel
• Digital electronic temperature chart recorder
• Network connection
• Cleaning pump
Avitec LC250 includes all what is needed for automatic production of liquid egg. The complete line, including breaker, separator, filters and initial product storage takes a space of 1,5 mt x 6 mt. The line includes also hot water preparation and chilled water preparation. Automatic filling system is optional. Everything is pre-installed on a single stainless steel frame and pre-tested inside Avitec workshop. The small size allows to install the plant in any room of minimum 40 sqm, so it can easily be adapted to any existing room without wall modifications. Start-up takes less than one day, the customer only has to plug electricity, compressed air line and drinkable water line. Its use is so direct and simple than any operator will be fully able to produce the best product already from the first day.
The integrated TCP network interface allows to assign an IP number to each single Avitec Plant. The key production parameters such as temperature of product in pasteurization, water temperature and end product can be recorded and monitored in real time from any standard PC connected to the same network.
All possible types of liquid egg can be produced with LC250:
*whole egg
*all products can be homogenized (option).
The production cost is minimum thanks to the compact size which reduces the need of energy and water waste (see chart on the side).
The initial investment is really low and the plant has a very high residual value when it is sold as second hand because it can be easily moved & fit in any other production room.
The components which are used in the line are all coming from all major European suppliers. Their well reknown brand names assure to find local service in almost every country. Names like Siemens, Omron, Endress & Hauser, GEA, ABB, Danfoss don’t need any presentation to assure the customers about the good quality of the manufacture.
All LC250 lines are supplied with a full 24 months warranty which includes also all the needed consumable parts which are usually necessary under a standard 8h shift production of 250 days/year. So for 2 years after purchase nobody has to worry about the costs for service and replacements of the parts.
Avitec support the customer with 24 hs service. One mobile phone is always available at any time of the day and the night regardless the time difference. Trained technicians and enginner will both assist the customer during the installation and will take care of the line during further request for maintenance and control.
Video of Lino compact LC250