(importance of the marketing for the success of factory)
Producing a state of the art product itself does not bring money back for your investment. The marketing of liquid egg pasteurized product is a very interesting challenge even for the most expert marketers. The product is higly undifferenciated and more and more close to be considered a commodity. But there are important variables around it which can give appeal, boost innovation and express value. Freshness, reliability, safety, practicalness, functionality, content. The new egg production methods have also helped to create new product lines and serve exigent market niches: barn, free range and organic liquid egg are just an example. The passion of Avitec owners for this business gives to the egg processor who is approaching the market a full set of useful information, suggestions and hints to approach the market in aggressive and efficient way. Brand Building must be the key word in every new processing facility as soon as the plant has started to prove how much good quality product it can release.