DOS-1200 UCS
Avitec does not underestimate the importance of the filling process. Once the product is pasteurized each single bacteria is present in the line till the final pack, will stay with the product and will eventually start to reproduce. This is why the final storage and filling of product are the most important points of the process where the attention to hygienic conditions must reach the strictest levels.

Avitec is the only company in the sector which does not simply take filling machines engineered for other sectors and other delicate products (such as dairy), but completely studies and tests filling machines which are specific for liquid egg filling. Liquid egg viscosity is never constant, liquid egg makes foam, its fat content is rarely constant, the product is extremely sensitive to temperature and the minimum exposition to bacteria makes its total count increase exponentially. For all these reasons the filling machine must be specifically designed for this difficult and delicate product.

Avitec bottle filter DOS-1200 UCS has been developed to allow maximum productivity with liquid egg. The machine literally “does not stop” for any kind of problem. The filling is constant, smooth, under the strictest hygienic conditions and each bottle has exactly the same quantity of product. No other filler available in the market will be able to assure technical parameters and configuration which are OPTIMIZED for liquid egg processing, either whole egg, yolk or albumen. Among the most relevant features included in the system there are:

• Patented filling head NO-FOAMING
• Multiple speed filling to further decrease the percentage of oxygen bubbles and to achieve best filling precision
• Independent 3-step magnetic flow-meter dosing with electronic control panel
• Cap dozer and cup applicator with precise “pick and place” technology
• Automatic turning and orientation of the caps.
• Automatic control of product level inside the buffer tank in order to assure steady and constant feeding pressure
• Integrated CIP system with heating of cleaning fluids
• Rotating wheel system with bottle format change in less than ten minutes
• Labelling of the bottles with stepped motor technology (=precision)
• HEPA air filter for UCS technology and completely closed working chamber
• Completely built in elegant satinated stainless steel with rounded corners
• All functions are controlled by integrated Siemens PLC
• Teleservice function is standard for every machine
• Colour LCD touch screen display
• Washer / rinser for incoming bottles, all under UCS setup
• Capacity 1200 pieces/h