DOS-5 UCS is a semiautomatic bottle filler which offers all the great advantages to boost the marketing of the product without having to invest big amounts in a high speed automatic bottling machine. Normally the customers who need small quantities are keen to have a very practical pack which should be easy to use and place back to the refrigerator and possibily, only made with one material to reduce space and costs of disposal. The bottle has a very nice appeal, if it is transparent the consumer can check the quality of the product, it is light, easy to open (does not squeeze) and the screw cap makes it easy to re-close. It can be made in environment-friendly materials like glass or recyclable PET. The label can also be in PET so to avoid any problem when disposing the material.
The machine offers all the quality and reliability of the Ultra Clean System so that the quality of the produced bottles will not be different from the ones produced with expensive automatic lines.

All the filling process takes place inside a close chamber where a positive laminar flow of filtered air is constantly maintained. The provided HEPA filter is the same used in hospitals and in the microbiologic laboratories so to assure a filtration level close to the sterile rooms. The opeator will place the container below the filling head and press the button for start filling. The machine will dose the correct quantity of product keeping in mind the difference in weight which exist between different egg products (yolk, whole egg, albumen, special products), so to assure a CORRECT filling with all types of product.
The operator will then manually close the cap when the bottle is still inside the clean chamber and after that a label will be applied. To easy the work of the operator and increase the productivity, it is possible to install offline cap closer and label applicator.

Semiautomatic machines always allow a lot of flexibility, so with DOS-5 is possible to fill any size of container from 100 ml to 10 Lt. The needed adjustments do not require more than 1 minute to be setup. All the settings and functions are easily controlled through the handful color LCD touch screen connected with a Siemens PLC.

If your company is new in the market and wants to explore new sale channels and marketing possilities, DOS-5 UCS is the perfect joice to get experience and reach interesting customers (such as small bakeries, hotel chains, catering kitchens and even grocery stores and retail chains). If your company is already well established in the markets and wants to explore the possibility to serve new market niches, again DOS-5 UCS allows a lot of creativity while keeping the investment at the lowest rates.
Video of DOS-5 UCS bottle filler