Initial approach to the investment
Liquid egg is used as a main ingredient for food preparation in most of the countries. It is also frequently used to other chemical or pharmaceutical processes as well as into the cosmetic industry.
Everywhere there is a demand for liquid egg. Only in some countries the liquid must be pasteurized by law before use.

When approaching the market as a new player it is important to make estimations on the needs of liquid egg and on the importance for it to be pasteurized. If not so important it is possible to start with the daily delivery of fresh liquid egg product (to be stricly used within 24h inside preparations which require long heat exposures at high tempeatures) which can be in the future be also pasteurized for the new needs in the market.

Seeing the recent trends in the modern economies and the growing concerns for the general health of the populations, nowadays it makes sense to startup a small pasteurization line even in countries which don’t seem ready to appreciate the safer pasteurized product.
Some of the activities which could be strongly interested to a new processing line for liquid egg could be industrial bakeries or sauce & dressing manufactures or even egg producers and packing centers which can transform the low-value eggs into a new safe and practical valuable product. The advantages for the packing station go beyond the mere economic interest, by producing a ready-to-use packed liquid product the company can stimulate new needs, can fix higher quality standards (hygienic safety), can take advantages in exploiting sinergies with the distribution chain, can strenghten its position in the market with a new innovative and wider range of products.

Packed liquid egg is indeed more practical to use, does not require any labour work to manually crack eggs, does not bring any environmental disposal problem with the shells and, most important of all, it is 100% salmonella free as well as any other pathogen us bacteria.

Once the decision to further transform the shell eggs is taken, a new difficult scenario opens up to the eyes of the company who has only experience in producing, packing and grading shell eggs. Indeed the step from shell to liquid looks simple but it is not. It implies a complete change of company mentality and attitude from mere “producer” to “processor”, in other words they have to move from “farm” to “factory”, from agriculture to industry.

To approach such a new world, to answer to several technical questions, to project what will be the market needs, to understand the economic scenario, you need seriousness, commitment and experience. Avitec has helped many companies to move the first steps into this business guiding them in the choices and providing customized and profitable simple solutions, let us guide you with passion into this exciting new project.