Yolk scanner

Every breaker aimed to provide separation between yolk and albumen is built with a specific checking section where one or two operators can discharge the albumen which is contaminated with some yolk parts. If needed, this checking operation can be performed by a PC which is connected to inspection cameras and to automatic valves which will automatically eject the broken yolk particles. 

The new 2015 Avitec EGG-VISION system introduces the top of the technology in vision systems applied to the albumen quality check.

  • The system uses high definition cameras which allow to the detect a yolk spot as small as 1 square mm.
  • The system uses COLOR cameras and software assuring better results and less false rejects, typical of cameras and software working with only black and white pictures.
  • The white cup made in antireflection plastic, eliminates all environmental light disturbances and assures a perfect scan independently on the surrounding conditions.

The breakers equipped with automatic EGG-VISION system also include an automatic system for washing and drying the albumen cups with yolk stains.