CAP-1500 UCS
Avitec CUP-1500 UCS is the perfect solution for those liquid egg producers who are targeting to serve product in very small quantities. Catering and hospital kitchens do not take the risk to open a big pack and leave it in the refrigerator. At the same time, if they are preparing meals upon demand, they do not want to dose the correct quantity each time. With Avitec CUP-1500 UCS the final user can open a one-use package which contains the exact quantity of 1 egg (50gr) or 2 (100 gr) up to 8 (400gr). The small packs assure practicalness and absolute reliability on hygienic conditions cause each pack content will be immediately used in the kitchen.

The same machine can also be configured to fill glass cups with screw caps so that very special gourmet preparations can be correctly presented in an elegant and high quality packaging.

The machine includes all is needed for a perfect operation with egg liquids, either whole egg, yolk or albumen, with or without sugar.
The setup includes all UCS (Ultra Clean System) features to assure the longest shelf life for the product. Cup washer/rinser, UV light lid disinfection, CIP provision and HEPA laboratory filter to create positive filtered air pressure inside the filling chamber.
The standard machine can fill up to 1500 pieces/h in the 100 gr format.