Ultra Clean System
Most of Avitec filling machines are available in Ultra Clean configuration. This includes a series of small details, options and features which are installed to maximize the hygienic safety during filling. When the egg is processed into the pasteurization line a lot of “mistakes” in the respect of hygienic rules are corrected by heat treatment. If the plant is able to reduce the bacteria load by 10.000 times, there is not much difference if the starting product contains 400.000 or 410.000 colonies. But when it comes to filling, a minimum error or a minimal enginnering defect can cause a sudden increase in the bacteria load of the final product. At this stage the product is only chilled and will not undergo any other process to reduce the bacteria. Therefore the correct choice of a proper filling machine, together with a good quality package and a production process which follows the strictest HACCP rules are basic to assure the quality of the final product and guarantee the shelf life of the same.
The provided UCS technology guarantees that any single step of the process is performed in order to assure absolute hygienic safety, effective cleaning and maximum protection against contamination.