BAG-1000 UCS
Avitec BAG-1000 UCS is studied to fill PE bag with liquid egg. These bags are usually stored inside a carton box which gives them rigidity and makes it easy to pile up and handle them.
If the carton box is properly designed, it can also work as a holder for the bag in the moment it is being used for pouring the product out.

The bag in box machine is one of the most commonly used filler for liquid egg because it brings several advantages such as:

• high level hygienic conditions, especially with UCS (Ultra Clean System) versions;
• high flexibility of bag sizes, with possibility to fill bags from 2 to 30 Kg without need to re-configure the machine;
• very small space required into the filling room;
• very small investment compared to other complex fully automated filling machines.

Each plastic bag comes with a standard pressure cap which assures the hygienic filling and which allows to open/reclose the bag several times to use the product in small quantities.

Avitec BAG1000 UCS has unique features to perfectly work with liquid whole egg, yolk, albumen andd sugared/salted products. The UCS design includes vacuum, inert gas injection, hygienic filling head design, adjustable height and inclination for the table, automatic cap applicator with bag holder, positive pressure filling chamber with sterile air filtered by a laboratory HEPA filter. A lot of options are easy to set up thanks to the digital display with integrated touch-screen. A unique feature of this machine is the extreme high speed of the movements which makes it the fastest semiautomatic filler in its category.
The machine carries out the complete cycle automatically. It opens the bag, makes the vacuum, fills with product, and re-closes the cap. The opeator only has to apply the bag under the filling head and remove it after filling.

Only with Avitec the machine is completed with a positive-displacement lobe pump for high capacity and minimum mechanical stress to the end product. A starting vat which allows to easily run cleaning cycle on site (CIP) and, at the same time, provides a very useful buffer in case the machine must be started to fill a very small quantity of bags.

Everything comes installed on a skid-frame compact square basement. All the parts are in stainless steel and all the connections must be done in the same position on the back of the machine body.
Video of BAG-1000 UCS filler