Avitec ultra clean pasteurization, in the third millennium, allows liquid egg processors to offer a long shelf life liquid egg which is completely natural, produced without any chemical reaction with “magic powder mixes” and without being overheated. That’s why in more and more countries even the big food multinationals are appreciating the simplicity and quality of the products processed into an Avitec line. During 7 years on-field experimentation, Avitec developed its unique technology to extend natural liquid egg shelf life . In general the technology allows to double the standard shelf life of basic egg products (normally from 14 days to 30) without needing any high temperature treatment (which denaturises proteins and weakens functional properties) and without any high-frequency wave, solid additive, enzymes, peroxide nor other “magic mix” powders.

This technology is complementary to pasteurization (standard pasteurization at standard temperatures by means of plate heat exchanger) and creates physical conditions which weakens the capacity of bacteria to reproduce, once the product is filled into pack. Good advantage of this technology are that :

  • The Product is fully natural (no treatment with enzymes or other chemicals)
  • Full natural properties and functionality are preserved
  • Does not need aseptic packaging for being effective (this reduces the needed investment for a filling machine down to 1/10).
Installation with EASY LIFE EGG
This video shows a complete line aimed to product 1500 lt/h of long shelf life whole egg, albumen, yolk and special products.