Prepare special products
In every market where liquid egg products start to be commercialized and become popular, the typical offered products are the basic plain whole egg – yolk or albumen. As soon as the market gets more experienced, new needs can be satisfied by the egg producer who is flexible and creative about its product line. The industry shows great interest to purchase pasteurized products with addition of some key ingredients which are needed in the food preparation. The most common ingredients are of course salt (appreciated in the dressing, sauce and mayonnaise industry) and sugar (appreciated by bakeries). The advantages of a pre-mix pasteurized product are related to the improved practicalness for the final user to mix the product with other ingredients and to the improved hygienic conditions. Pasteurizing the complete pre-mix indeed assures that all total bacteria load has been reduced.

In the recent years the trends and the development of the society have put an important focus on a new working class who is highly committed to success, who is working into growing metropolis and who is more and more interested to satisfy the basic needs in the shortest possible time, while keeping in mind values such as health and diet. The availability of ready-to-cook premixes is becoming a need for every modern grocery store. Also pasteurized liquid egg can have an important role in this as it is so simple and tasty and extremely quick to prepare.