In some countries it is mandatory to wash the eggs before processing, in others it is not advised. The reason of such long time discussion is related to the complexity and the cost to run a proper washing for the eggs which are going to be broken. A well designed washing machine and a correct hygienic process for washing the eggs is often too expensive compared to the added value of the processed liquid egg making it difficult to be competitive with the prices.

More and more productions are nowadays keen to use only first quality clean eggs also for breaking, and this makes every “cheap” cleaning process absolutely not needed for the purpose. But when second class eggs are used in the factory and when the eggs present several dirt spots then a washer is highly recommended before the breaking phase.

Avitec offers a “smart” design washer which is at the same time simple, economic and assures good hygienic results. At the same time a complete range of complete washers with brush section, spray nozzles and disinfection units is made available for the most exigent markets which require the same good level of washing standard which is used for the consumption eggs sold into the retail chains.