Pasta production
Often the producers of pasteurized liquid egg complains about the small added value of the product and very high price competition within the market.
This is why Avitec has always insisted on the importance of branding as well as differentiate the product or further process it into a more valuable product.

Thanks to the long term cooperation with one of the leading companies in Italy, Avitec is able to offer a turnkey project where part of the liquid can be sold to the market and other part can be used internally to produce a very high quality product, with all the taste and flavour of the “Italian Style”.
The smallest line for pasta allows to produce 30 Kg of fresh pasta per hour. This is using only 10 Kg of liquid egg per hour. The bigger pasta line can be completely automated and produce 0,5 tons (up to 2 tons) of fresh pasta per hour, needing about 170 Kg of liquid egg.
Pasteurizers and vacuum filling machines can complete the line to assure a shelf life up to 90 days.