Get appealing pack
Once you have set your production facility in the most professional way and once your line is producing hi-quality product according to the strictest parameters, there is still a last step towards success and achievement. MARKETING.
All efforts to produce a state-of- the art liquid egg product with good functional properties and the safest microbiological parameters will be wasted if the packaging does not appeal to customers. Package is an important variable of the marketing strategy and has to be related with the specific needs of the target segment (don’t sell a pack of 10Kg to users who need to use only 1Kg at a time), the environmental limits (avoid transparent packs where the sun is really strong) and the consumer preferences and attitudes (PET plastic can look cleaner than carton in certain cultures).

Some can state that filling a bottle or a bag with liquid egg does not make big difference when compared to other diary products. Under this statement many people are convinced that a filling machine which was designed for some other delicate food products will fit perfect also for the liquid egg product. This is one of the most wrong and risky assessments.
Egg is viscous and contains fats and makes foam, and it coagulates at 66°C. It is subject to the highest bacterial load when left in contact with air. Moreover egg composition is subject to change because it is affected by the breed, the feed type and the age of the bird. No other industrial product shows such significant variances. Every packing machine which was built for other products must undergo some compromises to operate with egg.

Avitec is the only producer in the world who has specific on-field experience with the supply of liquid egg filling machine and who offers a dedicated filling solution specifically engineered to operate at best with liquid egg. Avitec does not resell filling machines to end customers, Avitec has developed and engineered specific filling machines for liquid egg and is responsible for the supply, startup, training of the complete line till the final closed pack.

Packing is the most important and delicate phase of the process, if you don’t want to spoil your efforts and gain the best returns from good quality liquid egg products, only trust a supplier with real experience and with specific machines engineered for the purpose.