Self cleaning filter SC-10
Before the raw liquid is set to the pasteurizer, storage tank or to other food machinery, it must be filtered from the small shells and membranes that can obstruct other machines.

A lot of small production lines are equipped with simple in line filters. Using this technology obbliges the operators to undergo frequent stress for the monitoring of the time when the filter is dirty. Avitec thinks that in the 3rd millennium every factory should have the advantage and comfort of a smooth and relaxed operation with a self-cleaning filter which is allowing non-stop production for 8h without any stress nor risk to compromise the good quality of the process.

Avitec SC-10 filter is equipped with an internal motorized scraper which is assuring always a clean surface of the internal basket. It’s simple and compact design makes affordable for everybody to have one in their processing line. Also their small dimensions allow them to be installed together with the same main frame of the pasteurization unit (AVITEC UNIQUE FEATURE) and to be cleaned automatically during the standard cleaning procedure for the piping (CIP).
Avitec SC-10 filters are standard and included with any LINO COMPACT family pasteurization line starting from 500 lt/h capacity. On smaller line for 250 lt/h they are available as optional.