The new Avitec EasySlope  is a very smart system to help people who are breaking eggs by hand and must separate the yolk and albumen.

 The slide is specifically designed to allow the separation of albumen and yolk, while the yolk is sliding down by means of gravity.

  • V shape plate for faster egg breaking;
  • Separating slide with adjustable inclination, important to adapt the slide to the quality of eggs and yolks;
  • new Adjustable albumen blade to maximize the separation. Eggs which are more or less fresh and big need a different adjustment for optimal yeld.
  • Independent tray for albumen collection.
  • Frame completely built in stainless steel without any hidden part, the simplest machine to clean with water in 5 minutes.
  • The product trays have a MIRROR-LOOK polish finish to be the best FOOD-GRADE surfaces, hygienic and very easy to clean.
  • No electrical parts, no moving parts. 
  • 100% Maintenance free