It is a big challenge to make profits with liquid egg when the cost of shell egg is increasing. Avitec introduces a new line of breakers which are thought to increase the margin of the egg processor by reducing at the minimum the investment in capital. Avitec BT breakers are simple, rough and reliable machines to break egg in the most efficient and economical way.
For many reasons, the new Avitec BT series represents a revolution for the egg market. Very simple concepts used for many years in egg breakers have been joined with modern plastic molding technology and the result is a machine which works perfect, which minimizes maintenance costs and which reduces the investment to the minimum. All important factors in a very challenging moment for the egg business where productivity and cost reduction seems to be much more important than increasing sale prices.

On the wheel there are cracking units made in food-grade plastic. Knives and springs are made in the best quality and resistant stainless steel. By using special moulded plastic parts it is possible to have a very economical part with maximum precision and it is possible to have a breaker with 6 row breaking at a more competitive price than traditional breakers with only stainless steel parts. The other breakers, to keep costs low, install only a row of 2 or 3 or 5 eggs and they run faster, to achieve good capacities.

Features which make Avitec BT series unique in the market:

  • infeed rollers in self lubricated polymer to allow quick and perfect position of the eggs on the rollers;
  • cracking section with 1 turning wheel in place of 2 wheels and chain, much more simple construction and lower maintenance costs;
  • cracking sets in food grade plastic, lightness to reduce forces, wear, energy consumption and costs;
  • Breaking per 6 parallel rows (compared to competing machines with only 2 or 3 rows) which allows more simple and economical egg loading (with one movement the operator lifts 30 eggs compared to the 10 or 15 of the other solutions in the market with 2 or 3 row infeed breakers);
  • identical or higher dripping time than other breakers thanks to the 6 egg-row parallel breaking. 
  • improved separation trays for simple and efficient yolk and albumen separation even with the most fresh and chilled eggs. Separation trays never need maintenance and they can be cleaned in 5 minutes;
  • double broken yolk inspection point, one on the top tray where yolk can be easily scoop-out to a offgrade lane, the other in the albumen collection vat with possibility of a second check by the same operator before releasing the pure albumen to the pump;.
  • variable speed motor to adjust the speed to any need;
  • shell screw with independent motor which allows to be built up to a length of 3 mt. This means that the shells can be ejected in another room (improved hygiene) without needing to pass to a second auger.
  • CIP provision with independent spray nozzle per row, much more effective than the usual spray balls which do not assure that the spray reaches all hidden parts.

Machine Specs:





B (T) 14



B (T) 21



B (T) 28



Power consumption: 1,5 Kw
The machine frame is entirely built in stainless steel.

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