LINO COMPACT PLUS from 2000 lt/h
When the needed capacity exceeds 1500 lt/h the plant cannot be installed on a single skid frame. Therefore the project will be specifically studied for each single situation and the line will be only pre-assembled in Avitec Factory. All the piping, connection and electrical integration will be executed by an expert team which will make sure that the set-up of the line is complying with the project requirements and customer requests.

It is very difficult to suggest a “standard” solution for such capacities, normally a plant of this size should be built exactly to meet the specific needs for the producer and the market. Quantities, product types and standard of production must be deeply considered to make sure that the investment will be easily paid-off without wasting time for options or specifications which in reality will never be used. Do not trust who is proposing to you a “standard” 2000 (or more) Lt/h egg processing line.