This machine allows to easily and practically separate the yolk from the albumen from eggs that are manually crack by one or two operators.

The operator cracks the egg and opens it over the special patented cups.
The movement of the cup will let the albumen fall in the albumen tray and the yolk fall at the end of the chain.

A special albumen double check tray allows to remove the small parts of yolk that could fall together with the albumen, if the egg had a broken yolk. 

Normally  one good operator can efficiently break and separate maximum 200-300 eggs in one hour. With this machine the maximum speed allows up to 1.500 eggs/h PER OPERATOR  meaning that the efficiency for labour time will be 500% better !   

The new Avitec EasyEgg 3000 is for sure the most simple and smart idea for manual egg breaking operations.

  • Double parallel separation chain to be conveniently used by 2 operators at the same time;
  • Albumen collection tray with possibility to remove the broken yolk contamination;
  • new patented separation cups in food grade plastic which move up and down to quickly CUT also the jelly albumen typical of very fresh eggs.
  • Mechanic speed variator to adjust the machine speed exactly for the needs of the operators.
  • Frame completely built in stainless steel with motor cover and IP55 buttons to allow easy wash operation with hose pipe.
  •  The product trays have a MIRROR-LOOK polish finish to be the best FOOD-GRADE surfaces, hygienic and very easy to clean.
  •  Removable albumen tray and safety frame covers for easier cleaning.
  •  Simple monophase 220V 50/60Hz motor only 180 Watt power consumption.

Come and see for the first time, worldwide PREMIERE, this machine at INDO LIVESTOCK - JAKARTA - 27-29 JULY 2016.