Factory design
Exactly like the processing plant must be designed in respect of the strictest safety and hygienic parameters, so also the production facility must be designed accordingly.
A perfect plant installed in a bad designed factory will make the everyday work of the people extremely heavy and potentially unsafe. Also the hygienic parameters are easy to be misrespected if the logistic is not deeply considered and planned.

Avitec assures to assist the customer in the most professional way, by consulting and advising on the best design for the factory. More than fifty years’ experience in designing egg packing and breaking centres have provided a confidence toward these themes which can easily be transmitted to all our customers.
And the process does not only stop to the design of the factory but can go further by assisting the customer in the choice of the correct materials and suppliers for each single part of the food factory. Floors, drains, doors, cold rooms, services, no single point is left unattended or underestimated.