For many years we haven't seen a real innovation in the egg breaking world. Improvements have been done on the automatic loaders, on the automatic cleaning and on the capacities, but on the cracking and separation everything looks like many years ago.

Avitec was the very first importer of US breakers into the European market, Seymour breakers from Topeka, Kansas, USA. The experience goes back to more than 40 years ago when the demanding food industry in Europe needed new solutions to speed up the processes and reduce labour costs.

After installing hundreds of egg breaking and egg pasteurization lines Avitec realized that the available breakers in the market were not optimized for the production of the most added-value products which are yolk and albumen in separate form.

The letters “ix” stand for Improved egg separation and High Sensitivity EGG-VISION system.

The new Avitec B(S) series ix is for sure setting a new milestone in terms of separation optimization.

    • Self lubricating polymer infeed rollers assure a perfect positioning of the eggs on the rollers;
    • new developed cracking sets in food grade plastic are light, precise and they assure that only the shell will be cut by the knives, never the yolk;
    • new patented separation cups assure the best separation in the market, thanks to:
        1. 2 pieces yolk cup which is closed when receives the liquid, assuring that the yolk will not hit any hard part and get broken;
        2. special blade round separator which moves up and down and immediately cuts the gelly part of the albumen which stays attached to the yolk;
        3. after separation the cup stays in closed position assuring that the albumen stays always clean even when the yolk breaks later on;
        4. the albumen cup made in antireflection food grade plastic allows a clear scanning by the optional cameras;
    • last generation Vision System using the most sophisticated Japanese technology to clearly and quickly detect the yolk part into the albumen and releasing it in a separate tray.

The machine comes complete with PLC control, touch screen with error diagnoses, full CIP provision with closed design, automatic cup washing and drying system, integrated egg collection trays which can be directly connected to the pumps.

The machinen can be connected to automatic egg loaders, from 16.000 to 48.000 eggs/h.





B (S) 16 ix



B (S) 24 ix



B (S) 48 ix




The machine is lighter than other machines because it uses the best quality food-grade plastic to reduce the weight of the parts up to 70% less. The machine installs a motor with a capacity of 1,5 Kw. The total consumption is less than 2,0 Kw. (without Egg Scanner).

The machine frame is entirely built in stainless steel.

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