Transportation tank TT-1000
Avitec TT-1000 (or TT-650) is for sure among the most practical, elegant and hygienic system for delivery of big quantities of liquid egg to the food industry.
Its core body is completely built in stainless steel, the internal walls are polished to mirror to ensure the fastest cleaning time. There are no hidden or sharp corners, all the surfaces are smooth and rounded and there is only 1 welding line all along the circumference.
The tank is including a double wall with special foam insulation even in the bottom and on the top layers. This allows to deliver the product in the safest way, knowing that temporary exposition to warmer temperatures will not immediately affect the internal product, as it happen with thin layer containers.
The external cage of the tank is built in galvanized steel to assure the maximum resistance to transportation, hits and fork lift handling.
Several optional are available to customize the tank to the specific needs of the target industry: slow speed mixers, high speed blenders, refrigerated walls, CIP provisions for automatic cleaning.