PURE 1000/2500 UCS
Avitec PURE-1000 and 2500 UCS filling machines provide the most advanced Ultra Clean filling System available in the egg market, especially engineered to improve hygienic filling of very delicate products such as liquid egg.

The pack standard is called “gable top” or “pure pack” and it is one of the most appealing packs to serve the retail market and all the users which prefer a compact pack with small content. Some of Avitec customers have been able to gain over 95% market share into specific market niches with this kind of pack (like the hotel chain and catering market). The carton pack is particularly appreciated in countries where there is high concern about plastic packages (like the PET bottle) or where it is preferred to protect the product from light. The square compact design of the packs allow very handful and optimized logistic before and after filling (the flat empty pack uses very small storage space).
In case of high demanding markets the same pack can be provided with a screw cap which allows practical opening and very good hygienic conditions in case the open pack has to be kept for more days into the refrigerator.
Even more, the same cap can be provided with safety seal tamper-proof which can only be removed one time by the end user and which provides better shelf life conditions.

The machine carries out all the filling actions in a completely automated way. A flat carton is taken from the empty carton storage, the pack is formed, it is disinfected with a proper sprayed solution and then dried, it is filled, sealed and batch number and expiration dates are stamped with hot press.
All the operations are carried over inside a closed white chamber where sterile air is constantly blown. A lot of special options are also installed to guarantee the perfect performance with different types of liquid egg, albumen, whole egg, yolk and products with salt/sugar.
The machines provides a good flexibility with smaller size packs which can be filled only by changing few settings (no more than 10 min per setup).
All functions are controlled with a LCD touch-screen.
Capacity range from 1000 pieces/h (model PURE-1000 UCS) to 2500 (model Pure-2500) and even more, if specific needs of faster machine are expressed.
Video of PURE 1000 UCS