Laboratory materials
Shell egg quality measurements as well as final product physical and microbiological parameters and important to be constantly monitored inside the factory. Having internal laboratory also transmits an image of high professionalism and commitment to quality control. Avitec can help and advice on the necessary items from a basic quality testing lab to the most advanced control system.

Physical Parameters

Shell quality, strenght, Ph, egg temperature, dry content, fat matter are all important parameters to be evaluated in the incoming raw egg materials. The results after processing will be strongly related to these values.

Yolk Color

Yolk color, together with its fat and dry contents are very important parameters to monitor when delivering liquid egg to the food industry. This special scanner at the side allows to evaluate the yolk color in a objective way and keep records of the samples into a standard PC.
Microbiological parameters
Microbiological parameters are counting how many bateria colonies are present in a sample of the product. Good values guarantee about the safety of the final product that can be used also in RAW preparation which do not need cooking of mix (pastry creams, mayonnaise, ice creams).

These parameters are also strictly related to the quality of the incoming raw liquid egg. The fresher and the more integer and clean are the incoming eggs, the better the final quality of the pasteurized product.